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Meet The Team

Karen Jernstedt


Education: BS, Animal Science Ag Business

The Human Animal Bond is precious and priceless.  We at Morgan Veterinary hospital will do within our power what is best for the pet and therefore do what is best for our fellow human. I love working with the best veterinary health care team dedicated to preservation of and maintaining of the human animal bond. Our clients and their pets are some of the most caring people in the world and we are inspired to be able to help. We feel privileged every day to go to work for folks and their loved ones.


Client Care Specialist

Interests: Raising Show Pigs, Spending time with my family, and Training my Rottweilers.

In 2018 I graduated from Myrtle Point High School. As of February 2020 I became a member of the team here at Morgan Veterinary Hospital.
I started showing in 4H when I was 4 years old where I discovered my love of showing livestock. I've since been fortunate enough to have started raising quality Show Pigs with my family. I have been able to use my passion for pigs to help the people that walk in our doors, from every day pig husbandry to questions and concerns that they may have.  
My own animals include 5+ pigs, 2 Rottweiler's, 1 Bully, 1 Cat, and 1 Horse.
I love to help the patients that we get to see everyday and help our clients care for them.
I plan to continue to raise quality Show Pigs and expand my knowledge even further in veterinary medicine. 



Dog Trainer - Coos Canine College

Interests: Spending time with my family, training, dogs, fishing, teaching animals to live with people.

I'm a graduate from MP High School but was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I'm a certified dog behaviorist and trainer, specialized in aggression and basic behavior and obedience. My goal is to further my education and offer my services and skills to the canine world and their owners. 



I’ve lived on the Oregon Coast for most of my life. I grew up in Reedsport and have lived in North Bend for the last 26 years. I’ve loved raising my kids here and volunteering time for their teams and other activities throughout the years. My hobbies include gardening, home improvements, camping and time on a river bank soaking up some sun. Most of the time you’ll find me cheering on my kids and grandkids at various fields and courts throughout the year.


Out Patient Nurse

I've been in the veterinary industry since 2018. I love reading and learning. I am passionate about cats and discussing flea control. 



Out Patient Nurse

Interests: Reading, spending time with my family and training horses.

As of 2018 I am a graduate of Resource Link Charter school; 4 months later and I joined the Morgan Veterinary Team. With the training and support here I have been able to pursue my love of helping animals and learning how to better educate our clients. 

Within my own animal pack I have animals of all sizes and ages, which contain 3 horses, 1 bull 2 dogs, 2 cats 3 snakes and 2 rats. I love having the opportunity to be able to work with all sorts of animals. Such as, handling reptiles, soothing an excited horse, or getting to give lots of love to the dogs that we get to see every day. 

My hope for the future is to build on the knowledge and experience I have gained here by getting my Veterinary Technicians degree. 


Out Patient Nurse

Jonathan has 3+ years of experience in the veterinary field. When he isn't assisting technicians with their procedures, his main focus is taking care of our boarders and hospitalized patients. Making sure your pet is comfortable and taken care of during their stay is his top priority. 


Out Patient Nurse

I have been "one of the tall girls with long hair" here at Morgan's since the start of the pandemic. I am a cat lover and am of the opinion that they are adorable and cute at all times. Even when they are angry at me... I might be a crazy cat lady, good thing I work at the vets!


Out Patient Nurse

I've worked in the veterinary field since 2012. I've always had a strong passion and love for this field of work and seeing the connection between owners and their animals.


Head Surgical Nurse

Working in the Veterinary industry since 1999, I love to work in the surgery department, taking great care of your pets.


Out Patient Nurse

Noel has been working with us since the start of 2023 after recently becoming a farrier she looks forward to learning to work with vets in making our equine partners as sound as possible. She owns two horses and two dogs, but has owned several other species in her life time so she’s fairly comfortable with a range of different animals. Noel enjoys her job as a surgery tech while also being able to work equine appointments.


Out Patient Nurse


Janitorial Manager

Lived in Coos Bay since I was 2 years old, I graduated in 1998. Jinx the cat is my foster cat. I enjoy doing our weekly puppy play on Tuesday's from 12-1pm. I have worked at Morgan since Sept 2022.


Surgical Assistant


Twix is a rescued greyhound. He was born on August 23, 2018, He was rescued to help donate blood to dogs in need within the hospital. When he isn't working, he enjoys sleeping on furniture, playing with all the toys in the house, and playing with his siblings. 


Jinx is our resident clinic cat. He lives with our Clinic Janitorial Manager Angie.

He loves to play fetch, cuddle and his monster toys. Jinx will assist the clinic as our feline blood donor, helping save many lives.